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Fish Health

17th September 2021

Know what to look for! When your fish are healthy, they will feed freely and swim as a group with their dorsal fins extended. Warning sign’s to look out for listless or erratic behaviour Hanging near surface of the pond, usually near waterfalls or pump returns where most oxygen is found Fish are sociable animals […]

Basic pond maintenance

9th August 2021

We recommend you do a 10% water change once per week during the summer months. Add dechlorinator to pond and then top up with cold tap water (on a spray to water surface, not below water level). Pumps and filters should run constant (do not turn off overnight) A filter grows a beneficial bacteria that […]

How to work out how many gallons your pond holds!

19th July 2021

If measuring in feet length x width x depth x 6.24 = gallons If measuring in metre’s length x width x depth x 1000= litres then x 0.22 =gallons if your pond is circular measure in metres then half the diameter x by itself x 3.14 x depth x 1000 x 0.22 = gallons when […]


7th July 2021

To work out the size of liner required you simply measure the pond at it’s longest, widest and deepest! Using these measurements and this simple formula you can calculate liner amount if you measure in feet Length + 2 x depth + 2 ft ( overlap for securing liner ) width + 2 x depth […]

helpful hints

24th June 2021

Now that summer has finally arrived we need to be aware of oxygen content in our pond water. The warmer the water the less oxygen it can hold! Every life form needs air to breath,to grow and to thrive! Fish,plants and wildlife etc consume a lot of oxygen,particularly in the summer months.Treating your pond or […]