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Know what to look for!

When your fish are healthy, they will feed freely and swim as a group with their dorsal fins extended.

Warning sign’s to look out for

  • listless or erratic behaviour
  • Hanging near surface of the pond, usually near waterfalls or pump returns where most oxygen is found
  • Fish are sociable animals and as such they will shoal most of the time. A fish that segregates itself from the group is not a happy individual!
  • Flicking or “flashing” against objects in the pond is a sign of irritation or possible parasite infestation.
  • Never assume that your fish have a parasite problem just because they are presenting with one or another of the above warning signs.
  • You must always check water quality before commencing a treatment. If water parameters are incorrect the fish could present with the above symptoms.
  • In an ideal world your fish would never get sick, but if they did a single medication would combat all parasites, unfortunately this is not the case!
  • It is always better to know what parasite is causing the problem, so you can medicate with the correct treatment.
  • We offer a parasite diagnostic service, this involves taking a small amount of mucous on to a slide and identifying the parasite under a microscope.Using this method substantially increases your chances of curing fish ailments!
  • An appointment must be made before bringing in a sick fish for diagnosis!

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