Blagdon Clean Pond Machine 7000

Blagdon Clean Pond Machine 7000


Blagdon Clean Pond Machine 7000



Clean Pond Machine

  • Turn to wash ‘Clean hands’ cleaning system
  • Integrated Green Water UV clarifier
  • Revolutionary foam-free 2-in-1 CHI media with lifetime guarantee
  • Paired with Clean Pond Pods for 5-in-1 cleaning solution (FREE Pods included in pack)
  • Direct to filter Pod dosing chamber
  • Economical to run – low wattage
  • Convenient installation – above or in ground
  • Clearwater guarantee
  • 3 Year guarantee

The Clean Pond Machine has a unique, innovative, foam-free design solving the issue of many traditional foam pond filters including frequent & messy cleaning routines, blocked & clogged filters, causing ineffective filtration resulting in a cloudy and or green pond.

Direct Dosing Chamber

The Clean Pond Machine unique design includes a direct to filter dosing chamber for Clean Pond Pods (free starter pack included with filter).
Each soluble pod pouch harmlessly dissolves, releasing the gentle active ingredients, getting straight to work to clean and clear your pond.

  • Algae such as blanket weed,
  • Encourages healthy plant growth,
  • Makes tap water top-ups safe,
  • Eats pond sludge – further reducing filter cleaning
  • Suitable for use in all ponds: planted, wildlife, Koi and other fish ponds

2-in-1 CHI media

The Clean Pond Machine uses the latest 2-in-1 CHI pond filter media, working both as mechanical and biological filtration. Unlike foams, the media comes with a lifetime guarantee and will never deteriorate or need replacing and will go on effectively and consistently cleaning your pond for years to come!

Cleaning is a breeze

Using the Turn to Wash, “clean hands” system. Simply rotate the handle to break up the media and flush out the collected dirt captured from the pond. The flushed, dirty water can be recycled on your plant boarders and is beneficial to the garden.

Compact Size

The filter body has been specifically designed to be smaller than conventional pressure filters while still delivering exceptional performance. Convenient above or in-ground installation, along with its size, makes it more subtle and easier to locate.


The Clean Pond Machine comes with a selection of guarantees:

  • 3-year manufacturers guarantee,
  • CHI media lifetime guarantee,
  • Clear water guarantee – delivered by the integrated UV Clarifier.

Convenient Installation

The Clean Pond machine can be installed above or in ground with water running directly to a water etc.


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